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What is Lectio Divina?

Lectio Divinia translated ‘holy reading’ is a contemplative approach to studying the bible. This method helps us to hear and respond to what God has said to us through the text by taking time for silence, prayer, response, and action.

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Queen of Apostles MississaugaI am glad that you were part of the Finding Your Way Principles of Spiritual Direction course.

I hope that there were many new ideas and concepts that you took away and discovered to be of great benefit in the ministry of Spiritual Direction. For some, this was a time to discern to see if God called you to this ministry.

Spiritual Formation and Children

This year we explored for the first time the way to offer spiritual direction to children. Many people think that spiritual direction is only for adults, however it is interesting to note the interest Jesus had in children. He said’ unless you become like a child you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven’. So I hope you learned from this experience.

Lectio Divina-Holy Reading

Holy Reading was a spiritual practice you did every day in your group. I hope you formed an incredible bond with your group and discovered God speaking to you in different ways. I have a resource for you to continue this practice. Leave your name and e-mail below, and you will receive a daily email for 7 days. Each e-mail will provide you with a text and a guided-audio reading.