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My name is David Sherbino and welcome to MySpiritualGrowth.net. The purpose of this website is for me to walk with you on your spiritual journey and help you grow in your relationship with God.

My Story

My interest in Spiritual Formation began in the early years of my ministry as I realized that it was impossible to minister to others if I neglected the care of my own spiritual life. After being in ministry for several years I became acutely aware of the need to have someone speak into my life on a regular basis. The demands of pastoral ministry were numerous and at times it seemed as if I was becoming lost in the ‘busyness’ of ministry. I was neglecting my own spiritual life.

Consequently I sought out a more experienced minister of another denomination to mentor me…the mentoring was not in terms of how to do ministry but rather how to attend to my own spiritual life. This process has continued over the years where I have had several spiritual directors from various traditions within the Christian faith. They have been a gift from God in that they were able to speak into my life in various ways at different seasons of my life. Even today I have spiritual friends who do the same. As the journey continues I realize that we are not intended to travel alone.

Why the My Spiritual Growth Blog?

I began this blog to share what I’ve learned and introduce you to new ideas and concepts about the spiritual life that will enable you to take hold in a fresh way the truths of God as revealed in scripture. This site will look at life from a biblical and pragmatic perspective. I am committed to helping you see how God plays an integral part in the affairs of daily life.

Free Lectio-Divina Holy Readings Download

Before you go, I would like to share with you a resource. Lectio Divinia translated ‘holy reading’ is a contemplative approach to studying the bible. This method helps us to hear and respond to what God has said to us through the text by taking time for silence, prayer, response, and action. Leave your name and contact below, and you will receive daily e-mails for 7 days that will include scriptures and guided audio-recordings. Sign up below:

Welcome to the journey. I look forward to travelling with you.

David Sherbino

More About David Sherbino

Dr. David Sherbino is Senior Minister at Cornerstone Community Church (Presbyterian) in Kleinburg, Ontario and Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Spritiual Formation at Tyndale University College and Seminary.  As a speaker and church consultant, David regularly addresses various church and ministry groups in Canada and overseas. David is married to Audrey with two married sons, and five grandchildren. For fun, David loves being in the outdoors, playing hockey, and motorcycling.